The first official image of the iPhone SE 2020. Everything as we expected

The first official image of the iPhone SE 2020. Everything as we expected

And Apple is actively preparing for the upcoming release of its budget smartphone iPhone 2020. It should be released on April 15. But so far, no one has given exact dates. And there is still no official information.

Although this iPhone 2020 has already appeared on the German site of Apple. And, as a matter of fact, officially this smartphone will look exactly as we expected for a long time.

The appearance is entirely iPhone 8. Up to every millimeter. Only the hardware part will be included in the changes. In other words, a larger battery, a new Apple A13 chipset, and 64, 128, and 256 GB of memory were added to the eight’s case.

But there will be Touch ID, a relatively compact size, and all that. But every time we talk about this particular iPhone SE 2020, the question arises whether Apple is not ashamed to release such a device in 2020? And not just there to rivet the old model, as it still happens (until now, you can even buy a brand-new iPhone 7 for a lot of money.

And even the iPhone 6s is still available at some retailers). And here we are talking about the new model of 2020.

iPhone SE 2020

Moreover, the price tag is even half as low as the starting price tag for entering the world of Apple and is 400 dollars. But frankly, something is somehow expensive for such a design.

Don’t you think? Of course, there are also fans of Apple and classic design with huge frames and a small screen. But modern trends do not allow you to look at such a smartphone normally. Well, in General, meet, here it is, the handsome iPhone SE 2020! There’s not much more to say.

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