Samsung and LG tensed. Apple considers BOE as a supplier of OLED displays

Samsung and LG tensed. Apple considers BOE as a supplier of OLED displays

The largest Chinese manufacturer of displays, BOE, has long been in a fairly confident position in the LCD screen market. However, somehow in the market of OLED panels, the Chinese are not very good, and in comparison with Samsung and LG, the BOE company looks quite small.

But, as you know, the size does not matter. Despite the fact that BOE is a small player in the segment of OLED displays, THE company at one time still received an order for the production of screens for Huawei Mate 20. Well, since the BOE turned out very well, and much cheaper than the Koreans, then from that moment things went up the hill. Which is not surprising, actually.

And according to Korean sources and media, BOE’s OLED production is already starting to strain both Samsung and LG a little. And over the next two or three years, the BOE will become quite a big problem for South Korean tech giants.

The main source of problems for Samsung and LG is that Apple is somehow tired of paying for OLED screens, and wants something cheaper. And where to look for cheaper than in China, isn’t it? And so Apple is considering BOE as another supplier of displays for the new iPhones.

What news! Screens will become cheaper, and iPhones will become even more expensive. Don’t even doubt it.In General, as soon as the screens from BOE will meet the strict criteria of Apple, the Chinese will officially get into the list of suppliers of screens for the iPhone (and maybe everything else). Analysts from South Korea are seriously puzzled by the question, and make a forecast that by 2021, the company BOE will be able to produce more than 45 million OLED panels for the iPhone.

Samsung will still hold the title of the main supplier of screens for Apple, but the volume will fall from 230 million units to 150 million.

So we expect Chinese screens in Apple products. And we will not expect price tags more adequately (why deceive yourself?). Moreover, for several months now, Apple has been testing BOE screens for its future new products. And the latest reports from production indicate that the results of these tests are very positive.


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