Huawei is preparing for the release of a new TV with an OLED screen

Huawei is preparing for the release of a new TV with an OLED screen

Let’s look away from the new products of Xiaomi for a while, because there are other brands that release their new products. For example, now we will talk about Huawei and new TVs. Huawei CEO Yu Chendong took, and revealed details about the brand’s new product.

This product will debut with the Huawei P40. However, so far only in China. But the head of Huawei has already told about the key features of this new product. This TV will be called Huawei Smart Screen 65X. The TV will work under the brand operating system HarmonyOS, as well as all other TVs from Huawei.

They weren’t surprised.One of the main features is a pop-up camera with a resolution of 24 megapixels. It looks very good and nice. Really great solution! But this TV also has its own speaker system, which has as many as 14 speakers! Where did they get so many of them? The TV is quite thin and it is not clear how. But they did.

The TV has the word Smart in its name for a reason. He’s really quite smart. For example, it is able to analyze outgoing sound and sound waves and automatically adjusts the «scene» so that the user is always in the center. In General, a smart system should work very well.

But the cost of all this will be well, just too great. Well, the third important feature, but not the last in importance — is the display. Huawei Smart Screen 65X received an OLED display. And this is also very cool.

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